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Architect (23 years experience)

Buyer's agent
Listing agent
FSBO,Luxury properties,

https://ahmedelsayed.coldwellbankerbain.com ahmedelsayed.cbbain.com

I am happy to provide My clients the best possible real estate buying and selling experience through our market knowledge.
I bring unique skills as a former owner of my own successful independent real estate practice since 1998, I supervised 27 agents and two offices. Also I was a practicing architect, and i am an international real estate agent with connections in multiple countries.I have personally represented over 852 buyers and sellers combining in over $240 millon in closed volume. 

Throughout my career, I found it rewarding to be generous with my time, when someone needs real estate guidance I am happy to provide that to the best of my ability even if it means the guidance is given for free. This long-term focus on building relationships and creating win-win solutions is something that has helped me to be successful over the long term. When I broker a transaction, I enjoy helping parties who naturally have competing interests.

come together to create an agreement that works for everyone. The best outcome is when all parties are successful.   Active listings

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