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30 Years of Experience in Real Estate

The Team

 We Bring Over 30 Years of Experience in the Egyptian Real Estate Market in Terms of Training, Skills and knowledge.

Dr. Maged Abdel Azim

Dr. Maged holds a Ph.D. in Economics – Faculty      of Commerce – Ain-Shams University 2009 and a Doctoral dissertation: Real estate market role in supporting and enhancing the efficiency of the Egyptian economy. He worked in the real estate industry for over 30 years and finalized thousands of transactions. He is currently the Associate Professor of Economics at the Higher Institute of Economics and Political Science.

Eng. Mohamed Abd El-Fattah

With 30 years of experience in Real Estate Investment. With real estate appraisal development and brokerage experience across the MENA region, Abdelfatah T.G. Real Estate one of the first and leading real estate brokers in Egypt.

 Level 1 (REML-101) 

Real Estate Principles & Practice (Description) (45 Hours)

Provides solid information about real estate industry, principles & practices and prepares students for advanced study in specialized courses. Includes real estate economics and finance, Egypt real estate market characteristic, industry ethics, commissions, contracts and negotiations

Curriculum Outline 

● Introduction to real estate

 ● Real Estate Marketplace Overview

 ● Egypt Real Estate Market Characteristic 

● Type of Estates In Real Property 

● Real Estate Economics & Finance

 ● Real Estate Appraisal Overview 

● Real Estate Ethics & Professionalism 

● Real Estate Due Diligence

 ● Career Goal Settings & Planning 

● Your Real Estate Business Plan 

● Skills of a successful real estate consultant

● Commissions and Real Estate Math

 ● Successful Negotiations 

● The Buyer 

● Showing the Property 

● Retaining Potential Buyers as Clients 

● Answering and Overcoming Objections 

● The Seller 

● Contracts for Sales & Closings 

● Ethics and its importance in the real estate industry. 

● Services provided by a real estate agent 

Teaching Methodolgy.

● The techniques, skills, and strategies in the (REML) program are the same ones used and tested to perfection with thousands of real estate agents, clients and hundreds of thousands of training program participants.

 ● The foundational skills of sales, time management, marketing, and people    skills are important at the (REML) program is not a program of theory alone but of “real stuff” that works and is laid out in a hands-on, step-by-step format.

 ● The (REML) program will provide time-tested scripts for sales-oriented training. The scripts are designed to move prospects and clients to do more business and finalize more transactions. 

students learning activities

● Content Focus and Interaction

    ○ Live Lecture (Online or On campus)

    ○ Assigned Reading/text 

    ○ Multimedia Content (Training Videos)

 ● Interactivity (with Others) Focus 

   ○ Facilitated synchronous discussion 

   ○ Jigsaw collaborative 

   ○ Group Assignments 

● Critical Thinking 

  ○ Response to an assigned text

● Production 

   ○ Infographic 

   ○ Oral summary and written summary

   ○ One minute paper 

● Simulation 

● Case Study 

● Class Solution and Consequence